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Our Beer

An alternative to the extreme hop bombs or irrationally heavy barrel-aged beasts, we offer easy-drinking drinking styles that appeal to everybody, for both the seasoned and the novice craft beer drinker. Freshest beer in Quincy California.

541 Main Street, Quincy CA

  • IBU
    International Bitterness Units
    Is a gauge of a beer’s bitterness. IBUs measure the parts per million of the acid found in hops that gives beer its bitter flavor.
  • ABV
    Alcohol by Volume
    Is a standard measure of how much alcohol is contained in a given volume of an alcoholic beverage. It is defined as the number of millilitres of pure ethanol present in 100 mL of solution at 68 °F.
  • Solar Fields – Hoppy Session Lager
  • Solar Fields
    Hoppy Session Lager
  • 38
  • 4.4%

Quintopia’s brewery is now solar powered! This sunshine-inspired beer has the hoppy spirit of an IPA, but brewed cool with a bottom-fermenting lager yeast, creating a crisper, cleaner canvas to express the copious dosing of CTZ and Mosaic hops in both kettle and fermenter. Sustainability never tasted so good!

IBU – 38
ABV – 4.4%

  • Madrone Hound – Hazy Session IPA
  • Madrone Hound
    Hazy Session IPA
  • 29
  • 5.2%

Hazy, juicy, fruity. ‘Hoppy’ but low bitterness and modest alcohol. This beer celebrates modern American hops – Citra, El Dorado, Simcoe – while staying true to Quintopia’s specialty of modest and easy-drinking ‘session’ beers.

IBU – 29
ABV – 5.2%

  • Kiandra Kolsch – Pale German Style Ale
  • Kiandra Kolsch
    Pale German Style Ale
  • 24
  • 5.2%

A classic pale straw-gold German Ale brewed with Pilsner Malt, Hersbrucker hops, and a special yeast fermented at cooler temperatures – creating a crisp yet flavorful beer reminiscent of a lager. ‘Kiandra’ is an abandoned Australian Alps gold mining town – not far from where our brewer grew up – and the birthplace of Australian skiing, and possibly the world’s longest continuously running ski club (1861). Similar to nearby Johnsville CA!

IBU – 24
ABV – 5.2%

  • When in Doubt, Stout – Oatmeal Stout *NITRO*
  • When in Doubt, Stout
    Oatmeal Stout *NITRO*
  • 54
  • 5.8%

Rich with dark chocolate and roasted aroma, but very smooth and drinkable, this is a classic stout for every lover of dark beer.

IBU – 54
ABV – 5.8%

  • Plumas – Pale Ale
  • Plumas
    Pale Ale
  • 35
  • 5.3%

Plumas County Proud! Our house Pale Ale is easy drinking and built on the classic West-Coast style. A smooth balance of Pale and light Crystal Malt, alongside Centennial and Chinook Hops.

IBU – 35
ABV – 5.3%

  • Just-An-IPA – IPA
  • Just-An-IPA
  • 50
  • 6.7%

Not imperial or session, not black or white or red, not east or west (OK, maybe a little west), not rye or mango or habanero or endangered rare herbs, not hazy, and definitely no fruit!… Just-An-IPA is a well-balanced, old-school IPA. Stay classic.

IBU – 50
ABV – 6.7%

  • Black IPA – Black IPA
  • Black IPA
    Black IPA
  • 55
  • 6.7%

Call it a Black IPA or a ‘Cascadian Dark Ale’ (the industry finds this style’s name controversial) this very dark hoppy brew is loaded with Simcoe & Chinook hops, and debittered black malt. Not as chewy or rich as a stout – just a hint of dark roast blending nicely with a distinct hop profile.

IBU – 55
ABV – 6.7%


A family-friendly venue serving up fun, modern pub food with a twist. Our menu rotates often and creative daily specials will be listed on the taproom board.

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From local bands, national touring acts, DJ themed nights, weekly trivia, live community theatre & more. You’ll find it all here.

Trivia Night

Every Thursday @ 6:30

Come make or join a team, or sit back and watch. Prices to be won, and the winning team of the several-month tournament (win points just for turning up!) will have a beer made and named with their team name.



Mel Wade

6:30 PM

Bluesy-folk soul with her voice as the lead instrument and guitar picking as support. Each new song stretches her voice and fingers, forcing a lyrical dance between the two.