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Recent News

Our Brewery was destroyed by fire!

Click here to read about the devastating fire that destroyed our brewery on 29 July 2020… our plans to rebuild, our current brewing situation, and the businesses that have helped us recover.

Our Beer

We offer easy-drinking drinking styles that appeal to everybody, for both the seasoned and the novice craft beer drinker.
Freshest beer in Quincy California.
These beers are our usual suspects and rotate depending on availability, please stop in the taproom to see what is on tap currently!

Quintopia’s Staple Beers

  • IBU
    International Bitterness Units
    Is a gauge of a beer’s bitterness. IBUs measure the parts per million of the acid found in hops that gives beer its bitter flavor.
  • ABV
    Alcohol by Volume
    Is a standard measure of how much alcohol is contained in a given volume of an alcoholic beverage. It is defined as the number of millilitres of pure ethanol present in 100 mL of solution at 68 °F.
  • Kiandra Kolsch – Pale German Ale
  • Kiandra Kolsch
    Pale German Ale
  • 24
  • 5.2%

The ale that wants to be a lager. A simple but classic German style, Kolsch is the very essence of ‘beer’. Brewed with only pale malts, and fermented at lower temperatures than most ales with a unique yeast, the result is a light and easy drinking beer that finishes crisp and refreshing like many lagers, but with a touch more of the soft and fruity ale influence. Prost!

IBU – 24
ABV – 5.2%

  • THZ – Dry-Hopped American Blonde
  • THZ
    Dry-Hopped American Blonde
  • 21
  • 5.2%

This crisp and light beer uses a blend of barley, wheat and corn, fermented warm with a European lager yeast. Lightly dry-hopped with Mosaic, for subtle citrus notes. This extra-pale brew is a true thirst-quencher.

IBU – 21
ABV – 5.2%

  • Madrone Hound – Hazy Session IPA
  • Madrone Hound
    Hazy Session IPA
  • 29
  • 5.2%

Hazy, juicy, fruity. ‘Hoppy’ but low bitterness and modest alcohol. This beer celebrates modern American hops – Citra, El Dorado, Simcoe – while staying true to Quintopia’s specialty of modest and easy-drinking ‘session’ beers.

IBU – 29
ABV – 5.2%

  • The Lonely Hop Series: Citra Hops – IPA
  • The Lonely Hop Series: Citra Hops
  • 73
  • 7.4%

A relatively cool, mixed fermentation of lager and yale yeasts, corn adjunct, pale Pilsner Malt, cryogenically refined hop ‘hash’ and pure iso-hop resins. This is a crisp, extra pale and ‘skunky’ IPA in which we hope to showcase a different hop variety each time.

IBU – 73
ABV – 7.4%

  • Plumas Pale Ale – Pale Ale
  • Plumas Pale Ale
    Pale Ale
  • 35
  • 5%

Plumas County Proud! Our house Pale Ale is easy drinking and built on the classic West-Coast style. A smooth balance of Pale and light Crystal Malt, alongside Centennial and Chinook Hops.

IBU – 35
ABV – 5%

  • Just An IPA – IPA
  • Just An IPA
  • 50
  • 6.6%

Not imperial or session, not black or white or red, not east or west (OK, maybe a little west), not rye or mango or habanero or endangered rare herbs, not hazy, and definitely no fruit!… Just-An-IPA is a well-balanced, old-school IPA. Stay classic.

IBU – 50
ABV – 6.6%

  • Pub Ale (on Nitro) – Dark English Mild
  • Pub Ale (on Nitro)
    Dark English Mild
  • 20
  • 4%

Malty on the nose but dry on the finish, with a thick and creamy Nitrogen-infused head and low carbonation. This is a delightful beer at any time of day.

IBU – 20
ABV – 4%

  • When in Doubt Stout – Stout
  • When in Doubt Stout
  • 40
  • 5.4%

Rich with dark chocolate and roasted aroma, but very smooth and very drinkable, this is a classic stout for every lover of dark beer. When in doubt…

IBU – 40
ABV – 5.4%

What’s Brewing?

We have Sierra Nevada Brewing Co’s original brewhouse on loan at Quintopia! We’ve also received some of our replacement fermenters and brewing equipment and are finally brewing again on the premise, out the back of the Taproom, during the rebuild process.


A family-friendly venue serving up fun, modern pub food with a twist.


Trivia Thursdays – 6-8pm

Current tournament ends the 3/23 !
Make a team and enjoy our great beer and food at Trivia on Thursday evenings, with quizmaster Dr Ryan. Win your team a round of drinks, and all the glory of course.